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Blade and Soul Perma Stealth Assassin for Low Level

Take it from me, when playing Blade and Soul to dominate others getting a good build from an online article is the best way to go. Choosing a build should be your personal preference but you should follow everything to the letter after you have found yours. So if you want to be a stealthy stabby guy in Blade and Soul, this build is for you. Now let’s go and see how to dominate others in Blade and Soul as a perma stealth assassin.


heart stab (your rmb) all the way down to the left tree

cyclone kick (1 in sheath) to shadow drain

shadow dash (1 out of sheath) down all the way to left tree

How to do:

Flying/windwalking+rmb=6s of steath > 1(shadow drain) > 6s of stealth > move to the mob’s back+ss+1 > 6s of stealth again. The repeat from the shadow drain step.

If your ping is good, you can probably do this forever.

Note this is my set up for my alt before I can get hook kick (lvl 38) once you get hook kick (tab) then you can just use it for after your 6s of stealth is done from shadow drain. after this you can turn x shuriken into smoke screen for 10 seconds of stealth uptime, or 3 in stealth into more stealth time.

Final say

This build can be quite difficult to play as and start out in Blade and Soul but there is one important thing and that is… Don’t push it in PvP. This build is excellent for PvE  but in PvP when playing against competent players you will get destroyed since all of your powers will be based on hiding, and that doesn’t work against human controlled players. Now that we got all of that down, go out into the world of B&S and rule with your perma assassin.

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